30% of Your Hiring Budget is Walking Out the Door

Turnover and ramp-up are thieves in the night

Great onboarding shows new hires you care and helps them get up-to-speed quickly. And it pays off: a 25% drop in both turnover and ramp-up could save you enough to hire up to 30% more staff.

Cut Turnover

Onboarding makes people 58% more likely to stay for 3 years or more.

Cut Ramp-up

Onboarding cuts ramp-up from 24 weeks to 18 weeks or more.

Hire More People

Cutting turnover and ramp-up lets you spend less and hire more.

Should You Invest?

Best-in-class onboarding cuts turnover and ramp-up, saving enough money to hire 30% more staff. Find out how many more people you could hire today.

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