Make work better for everyone without making it worse for yourself

Talk to us about what needs to improve. We’ll help your employer get it done while making sure your words aren’t singled out later.

Preview what to expect

Step 1:


We’ll select employees with a range of different perspectives, then send a link to schedule a video call. You can use your personal email, and if you want to dial in, that’s fine, too.

Step 2:


On the call, you’ll share some of your past experiences at work. We’ll tape it, but don’t worry—we delete all recordings after transcription, and we won’t use direct quotes if you don’t want us to.

Step 3:


We’ll redact your interview transcript of all identifying information, including names, teams, projects, and locations.

Step 4:

Recurring Themes

We’ll group your feedback with quotes from your coworkers to show the trends without singling out any one incident.

Step 5:


We’ll share the feedback and next steps with your leaders, then with the entire team.

Step 6:


We’ll work closely with your employer to roll out meaningful changes based on the feedback that comes up most often.

Struggling at work?

We’re here for support, no matter where you sit on the org chart. Get free one-on-one advice on anything work-related at our open office hours.

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