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What is For the Win?

Human-centered HR consulting for high-growth teams.

What types of companies do you work with?

High-growth organizations at stages ranging from pre-seed to publicly traded.

What can you help us do?

We help our clients design just enough process to build the place they want to work.

Why do we need this?

Too often, the focus internally and externally is around growth and the “founder story.” But if you look around the tech landscape, it’s obvious we need to change the way we build startups. An office barista or a nice pair of headphones might give you a bump, but research shows the real keys to retention are work-life balance and professional growth. And you can’t have those without a process that distributes information and accountability evenly across your team.

We understand there’s a lot of pressure from investors to deliver. But companies that treat things like structured hiring or employee onboarding as nice-to-haves end up hurting their bottom line. Without the internal infrastructure to support their growth, morale eventually starts to drop, the best people leave, and the business rots from the inside.

How is your service different from your competitors’ services?

HR can describe a lot of things, from managing benefits and W2 forms to creating a healthy culture. We help our clients create thoughtful, scalable infrastructure–not just process for its own sake. Instead of cobbling together a bunch of templates, we listen to their employees’ challenges, then help their team design a custom process that addresses the most urgent needs without burying everyone in red tape.

What kinds of things do you help create?

  1. Recruiting strategies
  2. Interview guides
  3. Knowledge bases
  4. Onboarding plan
  5. Performance reviews

How do you do it?

We know you have goals to hit. That’s why we design just enough process to ensure your team hires the right people and sets them up for success without bringing everything else to a crawl.

How long does a typical engagement last?

Around 3-6 months. Clients often find quick wins and start seeing results before we finish.

How does it work?

  1. We run confidential employee interviews and share our findings with your team. (Typically 2-4 weeks)
  2. We help your team build a roadmap to solve your most pressing problems. (Typically 1-2 weeks)
  3. We accelerate the solutions with design, editorial, and technical support. (Typically 8-12 weeks)

What do typical results look like?

We helped Scripto, a 10-person fully remote team cofounded by Stephen Colbert, cut 75% of the recruiting work with a thoughtful, evidence-based hiring process for managers to follow.

With a larger publicly-traded international client, we helped their leadership improve the onboarding experience by talking to over 20 employees and turning 125,000 words of tape into 5,000 words of insights and recommendations.

How much does this service cost?

We charge for our services on a sliding scale. For more information, get in touch at omg@ftw.nyc.

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