How to Convince Your Head of Engineering

Learn how to make a compelling case for process to your Head of Engineering.

Reading Time: 2m

What’s Important

Engineering is focused on keeping the product stable and shielding the team from unexpected changes in direction. They’re extremely pragmatic and detail-oriented, and often look to understand the “why” behind decisions.


  • Velocity
  • Known defects per release
  • Progress against product roadmap


  • What’s coming up that could derail my team’s progress?
  • Are there any blockers out there we don’t know about yet?
  • What’s currently affecting the stability of the product?
  • How can I keep people from spending all day complaining?


  • Maximize product stability
  • Minimize interruptions that derail the product
  • Maximize engagement of engineering team
  • Improve development velocity

Process Will Help

  • Reduce unexpected blockers or changes in product direction
  • Increase productivity of all engineers, especially new ones
  • Reduce issues caused by poor communication
  • Increase quality and quantity of feedback between team members

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