How to Convince Your Head of Finance

Learn how to make a compelling case for process to your Head of Finance.

Reading Time: 2m

What’s Important

Finance is always watching the bottom line, and the easiest way to improve it is by reducing costs in every way possible. They’re usually very logical and skeptical of new ideas.


  • Cost per hire
  • Cost of sales
  • Revenue per employee


  • Are we making the most efficient use of our resources?
  • Are we investing in places that will save us money in the long run?
  • Do we need to incur this expense now, or can we defer it?


  • Maximize return on investment
  • Reduce current expenses
  • Minimize risk of future expenses
  • Maximize output per employee

Process Will Help

  • Decrease hiring expenses
  • Increase total employee lifetime value (ELTV)
  • Guard against risk of losing a key employee
  • Guard against risk of discrimination lawsuits
  • Guard against risk of compliance slips

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