How to Convince Your Head of Legal

Learn how to make a compelling case for process to your Head of Legal.

Reading Time: 2m

What’s Important

Legal is focused on anticipating and preventing what might go wrong, often by avoiding change altogether. They’re risk-averse, detail-oriented, and extremely skeptical of new ideas.


  • Reducing risk
  • Turnover
  • Expenses
  • External threats


  • What are our unknown unknowns right now?
  • Can we avoid rocking the boat?
  • Will this change really benefit the organization, or is it just another distraction?


  • Minimize risk
  • Minimize change
  • Maximize foresight

Process Will Help

  • Reduces legal and compliance risks
  • Reduces risk of turnover
  • Reduces risk of blowing a deadline
  • Reduces risk of infighting and turf wars
  • Reduces risk of costly mistakes

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