How to Convince Your Head of Operations

Learn how to make a compelling case for process to your Head of Operations.

Reading Time: 2m

What’s Important

Operations owns efficiency, so they’ll be focused on reducing wasted time and money caused by lack of process. They’re often extremely organized and detail-oriented.


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Output per Employee
  • Velocity


  • Do we have enough process in place to scale?
  • Are we executing consistently on everything we do?
  • What are we wasting time and money on right now?


  • Minimize waste
  • Minimize misunderstanding
  • Maximize communication
  • Maintain consistency

Process Will Help

  • Reduce wasted time
  • Reduce miscommunications
  • Increase understanding for everyone, especially new hires
  • Ensure consistency of experience
  • Reduce risk of scaling

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