How to Convince Your Head of Product

Learn how to make a compelling case for process to your Head of Product.

Reading Time: 2m

What’s Important

Product is focused on the company’s vision for the future. They’re big-picture thinkers, and when they get excited about a new idea, they often move quickly and leave details for later.


  • Conversion
  • User Retention
  • Online & App Store Reviews
  • Support Requests.


  • Are we on track with all the features we need for our next release?
  • Does everyone have a clear understanding of where we’re headed next?
  • How are our ratings on the iTunes and Play stores?
  • Will we get featured by Apple and Google after our next release?


  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Maximize new features released
  • Increase buy-in from team

Potential Values

  • Increases shared vision
  • Increases time available to work on new features
  • Prevents issues that can cause bad reviews and ratings
  • Reduces time to respond to support requests

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