Why People Quit

Benjamin Jackson, Founder & Principal, For the Win

Reading Time: 1m

Whenever I meet someone who just quit their job, I ask the same question: “Why?” I’ve asked it hundreds of times, and two answers consistently pop up:

“The job wasn’t what I expected coming in.”
“I just didn’t see a future for me at the company.”

These sound like management problems, and technically, they are. But the solution isn’t hiring better managers. It’s giving people the tools they need to be successful.

A tiny, 3-person team won’t have these problems. But as you grow, you’ll need to move beyond working as one single team and become a team of teams. And that brings some unique challenges.

Your People Are Only as Good as Your Process

If your startup is like most, you have some process, but people figure a lot of things out on their own—and the consequences are worse than you think. Early turnover, lost revenue, and costly mistakes are often rooted in ad-hoc processes for hiring, onboarding, and management.

Done right, an effective process won’t just make your people happier. It will fundamentally transform the way you manage your business. This book is your first step. Good luck! Now go forth and start building the place you want to work.

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