Reclaim 30% of Your Hiring Budget with Design-First Onboarding

It’s Never Too Early to Start

Even if you don't have a head of HR yet, you can still benefit. The more people you hire, the more you’ll save over time.

Understand the Employee’s Perspective

Break down onboarding into small steps to discover new ideas and prevent mistakes.

Nail the Logistics Every Time

Stop flailing around every other Monday. With checklists for HR, managers, and new hires, everyone can keep track of exactly what to do and when.

  • Manager calls with verbal offer
  • HR emails offer and e-signature
  • HR requests a head shot and short bio
  • Manager and HR pick a mentor
  • Manager adds hire to shared calendars
  • Manager adds one-on-one to calendar

Set New Hires Up for Success

Help your people understand their role with clarity, teach them the basics of your culture, and connect them to a community of peers and stakeholders.

Building the Foundation for a Network of 300,000 Volunteers

Find out how Swing Left dealt with the challenge of running a large volunteer organization.

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Matt Ewing
Chief Community Officer

Work with 10-150 people?

It’s Easier Than You Think

Even if you don't have a head of HR, you can still benefit. The format is flexible, and we can get results in days, not weeks. To find out how, set up a call and let’s chat.

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