ResourcesThe Startup Process Playbook

Start defining your culture before it defines you.

Building a winning team isn’t about hiring smart people or offering killer perks. It’s about having enough process to make sure everyone can focus on getting things done.

What’s Inside

  • Introduction: Why People Quit
  • 1. Why Process Matters
  • 2. The Self-Starter Fallacy
  • 3. Organizational Debt
  • 4. When to Start
  • 5. The Essentials
  • 6. Getting Buy-In
  • 7. Deciding on Next Steps
  • 8. Comparing Consultants
  • Appendix: Objections
  • Appendix: Budgeting

Questions We’ll Answer

  • Why do smart, talented people quit their jobs?
  • When’s the right time to start investing in more process?
  • Is my team big enough to worry about process yet?
  • What does my team need to grow sustainably?
  • At what point do I need to start looking for an HR lead?
  • What do my stakeholders need to know about process?
  • Where do I start when budgeting for people expenses?