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Our assessments turn candid, one-on-one feedback into tangible insights.

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Talent Leaders

Figure out what needs your focus and what can wait until next quarter.


Get a full, impartial look at your department from an outsider.

DEI Leaders

Get the numbers (and the stories) you need to advocate for resources.

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In week 1:

Data Audit

We’ll audit your candidate feedback and pulse surveys. If this is your first survey, we’ll help pick a tool, design questions, and roll it out.

In weeks 2-3:

Listening Tour

We’ll record confidential one-on-ones with a sample of employees, including team leads, direct reports, and stakeholders.

Who else is involved

Interview Participants (30-45m)

In weeks 4-5:

Data Analysis

We’ll redact the transcripts, then analyze them for themes. Finally, we’ll compare quotes with survey responses to sharpen our insights.

In week 6:


We’ll share our insights, then hold a workshop over Zoom to align on objectives and a roadmap. (We have a framework, but we’re flexible.)

Who else is involved

Stakeholders (4-8h)

In week 7:

Executive Buy-In

We’ll create a slide deck with your internal branding, then present it to your executive team together to get buy-in and feedback.

Who else is involved

Executive Team (30-60m)

In week 8:

Employee Buy-In

We’ll help your team craft messaging, present to employees, answer questions, and reinforce next steps across multiple channels.

Who else is involved

Executive Team (30-60m)
Stakeholders (30-60m)

In weeks 9-16:

Support & Coaching

If you need, we offer support on retainer with everything from design and content to technical integrations and project management.

Who else is involved

Project Owners (8h/week)
Stakeholders (1h/week)
Executive Team (1h/month)

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