Confidential interviews. Design workshops. Data. A lot more.

If you’ve ever worked with a designer, you’ll feel right at home. Your employees are our users, and your workplace is the product.

Hire the right person, faster, with less waste and stress.

Protect your team’s time and get offers out ASAP with a structured, evidence-based process for sourcing and screens.

  • Target the right people
  • Write outreach that converts
  • Pre-qualify candidates
  • Standardize assessments
  • Mitigate unconscious bias
  • Leave a great first impression

Timeline: 1-2 week design sprint, followed by 3 months weekly coaching

“Your ability to empathize with the people we wanted to recruit was something I didn’t see coming. But once we saw how people were looking at our site and how we were communicating, it was enlightening.”

Rob Dubbin
Cofounder & CEO, Scripto

Onboard new hires with all the support they need to thrive.

Welcome and retain new hires, helping them build confidence with a clear, friendly knowledge base and onboarding plan.

  • Get hires to full productivity sooner
  • Clarify roles and ownership
  • Support hires from diverse backgrounds
  • Give more autonomy to new people
  • Document your norms and culture
  • Build confidence, morale, and relationships

Timeline: 1-2 week design sprint, followed by 3 months weekly coaching

“Now, we have a set of standard resources, and our managers don’t need to figure it all out. It feels like one less thing to worry about.”

Matt Ewing
Managing Director, Swing Left

Learn from data to see what’s really going on with your team.

Spot potential problems and opportunities with insights from candid, open-ended employee feedback and survey data.

  • Analyze survey data
  • Gather confidential feedback
  • Track morale over time
  • Diagnose common struggles
  • Make every person feel heard
  • Include your team in solutions

Timeline: 2-4 weeks

“We thought we might be too early, but you quickly showed us where we needed to improve. The Objectives and Key Results we developed together went over really well with the team, and we have a much clearer roadmap.”

John Meadows
Cofounder & Co-CEO, Bowery Valuation

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