Develop your culture as thoughtfully as your product.

Great workplaces aren’t born—they’re made: the product of careful listening and an intentional, deliberate process.

We work with teams as small as 10 people all the way up to publicly-traded companies of 1,000 and up.




People Data


Sales Ops

These are our primary areas of focus. We help our clients build custom solutions based on rigorous quantitative and qualitative research. Read on for a more detailed look at our process.


What are the 3 most pressing questions your strategy needs to answer right now?

Most people get stuck before they get started. We’ll help your team take the first step with a 90-minute workshop that will get them focused on their most pressing challenges.

In less than a week, we’ll deliver a list of 3 strategic questions to answer before deciding which outcomes to focus on.

We’ll start with a 15-minute 1-on-1 call to prepare, then gather all your stakeholders for a 90-minute workshop at your office (or somewhere a bit more private).

During the workshop, we’ll bring unspoken issues to the surface by collecting the strategic questions you’ve asked—and a few you haven’t—then use a structured approach to decide which questions to focus on first.

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Who we’ll work with:

You and your immediate stakeholders.

If you need:

We’ll book a space outside your office and take care of food and logistics.

If you’re distributed, we’ll set you up with a virtual whiteboard and run a remote workshop over Zoom.

Assessment & OKRs

What are the biggest issues with your culture your team isn’t talking about?

On fast-moving teams, sensitive issues have a way of hiding in the weeds. But with an independent researcher, finding the answers to even the most uncomfortable questions gets a lot easier.

In 3 weeks or less, we’ll deliver a set of recommendations you can act on right now and a list of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) that will inform your roadmap and help keep your team accountable.

We’ll start with a 1-hour kickoff to review the questions from our direction-setting workshop.

Then, we’ll roll out your first employee survey—or, if you already have one, pull historical data—and pair quantitative analysis with confidential, in-depth conversations with your staff to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. We take these interviews seriously: we redact the transcripts and review 50-100k words multiple times to tell the story in your employees’ own words.

Once we understand the issue clearly, we’ll follow up with an offsite workshop to come up with OKRs that will move the needle for your team.

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Who we’ll work with:

You, 5-15 employees (for interviews), and 3-8 stakeholders representing the departments impacted by our strategy (for the workshop).

If you need:

When we’re done with our assessment, we’ll summarize the feedback and our advice in a slide deck and present the results to your leadership team together.

If it’s your first time doing OKRs, we’ll train everyone on the process first.

Strategic Roadmap

Where will you focus your team’s time and resources over the next few quarters?

An effective roadmap is more than just a Gantt chart buried in a shared folder: it’s a living document that helps you gather feedback, communicate priorities, and stay on track as your strategy changes (trust us, it will).

In less than a week, you’ll have a strategic roadmap people will actually use and recurring meetings with the right stakeholders on the right schedule.

We’ll start by training your team on roadmapping.

Then, we’ll follow up with an offsite workshop to come up with ways to impact our key results and prioritize high-impact ideas.

Finally, we’ll decide who’s accountable for what, making sure we’ve agreed on approvals and which stakeholders need to be consulted.

While we’re at it, we’ll help your team agree on a cadence of recurring meetings to loop in the right people at the right time.

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Who we’ll work with:

You and a group of 3-8 stakeholders representing the departments impacted by any proposed changes to management processes.

If you need:

We’ll organize our notes your roadmap tool of choice and then train your team on how to update it.

Coaching & Support

How will your team get organized and bring all those ideas to life?

The devil is in the details, and there are more details than you might think. But with the right guidance and training, your team can get it right the first time and avoid wasting time reinventing the wheel.

In 2-3 months, you’ll have launched one or more internal products from your roadmap and started to improve them with real-world feedback.

We’ll start with a training on the agile product lifecycle.

Then, we’ll work with everyone to define requirements in clear, specific language before creating a rapid prototype to make sure we have the right idea.

After we test with early adopters on your team, we’ll address their feedback and launch a pilot to gather feedback, then roll out the product to everyone.

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Who we’ll work with:

You, your stakeholders, and the people responsible for getting the work done.

If you need:

Throughout the process, we’ll provide design, technical, and editorial support as needed.

We’ll also help your team get organized so you don’t lose momentum: for example, by setting up a task tracker that notifies you when things are coming due.

And we’ll pick the best tools for the job, then help you optimize them to boost productivity.

Wondering if we can help your team?

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