Make informed decisions with less wasted time.

Most teams interview way too many people. Frustrated with the time it takes to find great candidates, they post an ad and cross their fingers. After a flood of resumes, they bring in the best of a bad lot, then debate their relative merits. The result: bad hires slip through while good ones are overlooked, or even snatched up by the competition.

We’ll help you hire the right people faster with a structured process.

Raise the Bar

We’ll help you define what matters most so you can screen out unqualified candidates early, saving days of time wasted on fruitless interviews.

Level the Field

We’ll standardize interviews so your team can make smart, evidence-based hiring decisions instead of going with their gut.

Focus on What Matters

We’ll study your best (and worst) hires to discover the skills, behaviors, and qualities that really make people thrive on your team.

Best Foot Forward

We’ll make a great first impression on candidates with a surprisingly polished interview process that makes your team look professional.

Everything you need to hire the right person, every time, as fast as possible.


  • Recruiting plan
  • Interview guide
  • Scoring matrix
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Applicant tracking


2-4 weeks intensive (2-4 hours/day), followed by 3 months coaching (45 minutes/week).


Per diem, then monthly.

Hiring shouldn’t feel like a game of Russian roulette.

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