Plan for retention from day one to day 100.

Like great ideas, great employees start out fragile. For a few weeks, they create habits, build relationships, and form lasting impressions. But most onboarding plans are created ad hoc by managers in silos. The result: new hires work on the wrong things, get discouraged by the chaos, and even rethink their decision.

We’ll help you onboard every new hire for long-term success.

Set Clear Lanes

We’ll define clear roles and help new hires understand where they fit in so they don’t step on anyone’s toes by mistake.

Reinforce Your Culture

We’ll document your company’s values, norms, and processes to make sure every new hire understands the unspoken rules.

Build a Bigger Tent

We’ll expand the scope of your onboarding to build a stronger community and help people from all walks of life add their voices to your team.

Empower Decisions

We’ll give new hires all the information they need to make great decisions with autonomy so your managers can get back to work.

Everything you need to build lasting connections with new hires.


  • Onboarding plan
  • Knowledge base
  • Feedback survey
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Workflow automation


1-2 weeks intensive (2-4 hours/day), followed by 3 months coaching (45 minutes/week).


Per diem, then monthly.

You have one chance per hire. Use it.

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