Install our manager-friendly shortcuts for iPhone and iPad

We know you’re busy. So instead of making free checklists for download, we came up with something more useful: voice commands that schedule all the details for you in advance.

The 30-Second Onboarding Plan

This shortcut will set up your calendar with every detail from offer to start date in the time it takes to make a bowl of ramen.

  • Use from Siri or lock screen
  • Works with every calendar
  • Makes delegation a snap
  • Open and fully customizable
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How to Install Our Shortcuts

Step 1

Make sure you have the app

If you’re running iOS 12 or below, you’ll need to download it here.

Step 2

Allow third-party shortcuts

Go to Settings > Shortcuts and turn on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts. (If you don’t see it, run a shortcut, then go back to Settings.)

Step 3

Open the link on your device

When it loads, tap Get Shortcut to make a copy and open it in the Shortcuts app.

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