We help early-stage startups build just enough process to grow without losing great people along the way. Learn How 

Every time a team doubles in size, new problems pop up.

“I can’t believe I’m only hearing about this now. We sit right across from each other.”

With a bigger office and a growing remote workforce, it will only get harder for your team to know what's going on.

“It may have been different at your last job, but that’s not how we do things around here.”

Moving beyond your network to hire more diverse candidates will bring fresh ideas, but old and new people may not see eye-to-eye.

“I haven’t talked to my manager all month, and I don’t know what my priorities are.”

First-time managers won't always learn how to manage on their own. Without a process, you're leaving their success to chance.

We help leaders build a foundation for sustainable growth when they need it the most.

“New people entered an environment with a lot of energy and a low amount of structured information. Now, we have a set of standard resources, and our managers don’t need to figure it all out themselves. It feels like one less thing to worry about.”
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Matt Ewing
Chief Community Officer, Swing Left

“You took all the guesswork out of our process for hiring and onboarding. Now we have all of our first-year check-ins scheduled by week one, and hiring managers have a playbook so they’re not reinventing the wheel with every new hire.”
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Daniel Lewis
Managing Director, Spherical

“It was incredibly helpful to think through the different elements of the sales process and how they vary based on our goals and who we’re talking to. It’s easy to find an HR consultant, but Ben’s skillset is unique and his brain works very differently. I loved that the process wasn’t intimidating and it really helped alleviate the stress of the early-stage startup life.”
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Julia Haber

Your people are only as good as your process.

Don’t bet your company’s future on building a team of self-starters.

To keep growing, you’ll need to expand your talent pool to include everyone, not just people who thrive on their own. You don’t need a ton of tools and checklists, but you need to stop reinventing the wheel every time and build a process to sustain your business.

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