Design a process that puts success within reach.

For the Win is human-centered HR consulting for fast-growing companies. We help you help every last member of your team do remarkable work.

We’ll teach your company how to:

Hire for Fit

Protect your team’s time and get offers out ASAP with a structured, evidence-based process for sourcing and screens.

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“Your ability to empathize with the people we wanted to recruit was something I didn’t see coming.”
Rob Dubbin, CEO

Ramp Quickly

Welcome and retain new hires, helping them build confidence with a clear, friendly knowledge base and onboarding plan.

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“Now, we have a set of standard resources, and our managers don’t need to figure it all out.”
Matt Ewing, Managing Director

Learn from Data

Spot potential problems and opportunities with insights from candid, open-ended employee feedback and survey data.

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“We thought we might be too early, but you quickly showed us where we needed to improve.”
John Meadows, Co-CEO

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“I work on a team of full-time people. We’re hiring another this year. We’ve lost in the last year.”

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