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For the Win is an HR consulting firm for startups that refuse to conform. We turn growing teams into self-sustaining organizations by designing just enough process to keep everyone sane. Read Our Latest Case Study.

We help startups build healthy, high-performing teams.

Hire for Fit

We’ll help you find the right person faster with less wasted time and make well-informed hiring decisions.

Ramp Them Up

We’ll show you how to set the right tone and give new hires everything they need to start adding value ASAP.

Gather Insights

We’ll tap into your team's knowledge to collect feedback that will help you avoid pitfalls and unlock opportunities.

Our work is loved by CEOs, GMs, COOs, HR leaders, and the people who rely on them. Hear Their Stories.

“Your ability to empathize with the people we wanted to recruit was something I didn't see coming.”
Read the Case Study

Rob Dubbin
CEO, Scripto

“I loved that the process wasn’t intimidating and it really helped alleviate all the stress.”

Julia Haber

“Now, we have a set of standard resources, and our managers don’t need to figure it all out.”

Matt Ewing
Managing Director, Swing Left

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