Human-centered HR for growing teams.

We help our clients design just enough process to build the place they want to work.

Some of the companies we’ve worked with:

Scaling a team is hard. Scaling culture is harder.

Strategic HR is more than a nice-to-have. And a healthy culture is more than perks like puppies and free coffee: it means hiring the right people, then setting them up for success.

We design infrastructure that works for your team, not against it.

We help prevent turnover and low morale caused by a lack of organizational infrastructure. Instead of finding the perfect template, we design a process that reflects your culture and where you want to go.

Hire for Fit

Protect your time and send offers ASAP with a structured, evidence-based process for sourcing and screens.

“It’s easy to find a recruiter or compliance consultant, but Ben’s brain works very differently.”
Julia Haber, Founder & CEO

Ramp Quickly

Help new hires build confidence with a user-friendly knowledge base and onboarding plan.

“Now, we have a set of standard resources, and our managers don’t need to figure it all out.”
Matt Ewing, Managing Director

Build a Roadmap

Gather candid employee feedback to come up with a strategy everyone’s willing to commit to.

“We thought we might be too early, but you quickly showed us where we needed to improve.”
John Meadows, Cofounder & Co-CEO

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