We believe history is made by teams.

Tech has a culture problem. 52% of tech workers believe their workplace is unhealthy. And while we love craft beer and ping-pong, we believe the real foundation of a great culture is a strategic investment in processes for hiring, onboarding, and management.

At first, many of our clients are almost entirely focused on “hiring A-Players.” We disagree. We believe the path to long-term success is building effective teams, not hiring effective individuals. We believe growth-at-all-costs doesn’t actually mean all costs. And we know the highest-performing teams design culture as intentionally as they design products.

We’ve helped high-growth teams at stages from pre-seed to publicly traded save hundreds of hours by building the infrastructure they need to maintain their culture at scale. We’re based in Brooklyn, New York, but work with teams around the world.

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The Founder

Ben Jackson

Founder & Principal

Before founding For the Win, Ben Jackson spent 20 years creating digital products.

He ran the first mobile team at Vice Media and led development on the New York Times’ flagship iOS app. He even spent a few years as co-founder of a digital agency in Brazil. In between, he built apps for companies ranging from venture-backed startups like Artsy to large companies like UNIQLO.

In every role he’s had, from founder to product leader, Ben saw similar problems impact customers—and most of them were caused by deeper, more fundamental problems with management and HR. Being thoughtful about customer experience was second-nature to him—and weren’t employees a kind of customer, too? So he started using his experience creating digital products to make people’s lives better at work.

Arsie Jiwajinda

People Ops Advisor

Arsie is currently Director of People & Recruiting at Parsley Health. Previously, she ran people at FiftyThree and CarbonMade.

Daniel Dworkin

Leadership Advisor

Daniel is currently a Principal at Kotter, where he consults on change management with Fortune 500 companies.

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