For the Win is a people & technology consulting firm for high-growth startups based in Brooklyn, NY.

We work with founders who care deeply about building the place they want to work.

Our clients know that to scale sustainably, they need to think about process from day one. We ease the transition to the next stage of their growth by designing a lightweight, tech-enabled process that takes the guesswork out of managing their people.

The Story

Ben Jackson, Principal

I've worked a lot of high-stress jobs. From founding an agency in Brazil to building apps at The New York Times and running mobile at Vice Media, I've seen the good, the bad, and the cringe-worthy. And the one thing they all had in common? When the product didn’t work, the problem wasn't broken code. It was broken process.

It was clear to me that teams in silos with unclear goals and ad hoc processes might win battles, but they couldn't win a war. But it was also clear most leaders thought they were doing fine with what little process they had—even if their employees didn't necessarily agree.

I realized my biggest chance for impact wasn't building products for millions of users. It was building great workplaces for the people who did. So I gave up life as an engineering manager and turned to helping founders avoid the pitfalls that derailed my teams and so many others.

Since founding For the Win, I’ve interviewed hundreds of employees, executives, investors, and HR leads for insights into why some teams succeed while others fail. I can’t wait to share them with you.


We’ve worked across design, tech, product, and people at companies like VICE, FiftyThree, and The New York Times.

Ben Jackson

Founder & Principal

Ben is the former Director of Mobile at Vice Media and has 20 years of experience in mobile and web technologies.

Arsie Jiwajinda

People Ops Advisor

Arsie is currently Director of People & Recruiting at Parsley Health. Previously, she ran people at FiftyThree and CarbonMade.

Daniel Dworkin

Leadership Advisor

Daniel is currently a Principal at Kotter, where he consults on change management with Fortune 500 companies.

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