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Learn how Scripto reduced hiring effort by 75% with a structured process.

Rob Dubbin, Cofounder & CEO

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Our clients span industries from retail to real estate.

“It was incredibly helpful to think through how tactics change based on who we’re talking to. It’s easy to find a recruiter or compliance consultant, but Ben’s brain works very differently. I loved that the process wasn’t intimidating and it really helped alleviate all the stress.”

Julia Haber
Founder & CEO

“Ben helped us take a more product-focused approach, which most HR teams don’t do. We took qualitative data, quantitative data, and came up with a roadmap to improve hiring for candidates, managers, and interviewers. It’s efficient, it’s aligned with our stakeholders’ process, and they appreciate it.”

Will Blaze
Sr. Manager, Technical Recruiting
Peloton Interactive

“Now, we have a set of standard resources, and our managers don’t need to figure it all out. It feels like one less thing to worry about.”

Matt Ewing
Managing Director
Swing Left

“We thought we might be too early, but Ben quickly showed us where we needed to improve. The Objectives and Key Results we developed together went over really well with the team, and we have a much clearer roadmap.”

John Meadows
Cofounder & Co-CEO
Bowery Valuation

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