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Recruiting is a Toss-Up

83% of talent say a negative interview experience can turn them off to an interesting company or role, while 87% say a positive one can turn a “maybe” into a “yes”.

— LinkedIn 2015 Talent Trends Report

Time is Money for New Hires

It takes 8 months on average for a new employee to become fully productive.

— 2012 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey

Effective onboarding cuts that by 11 weeks, saving ~400k for a company of 30 expanding to 60.

— Sales Architects Onboarding Survey

Turnover is a Huge Expense

Average turnover costs are ~75% of salary, adding up to ~$1M/year for a company of 30 expanding to 60… and those costs grow exponentially as your team grows.

— Society for Human Resource Management

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