Cover your blind spots with candid feedback.

Organizations are filled with invisible barriers. For women and underrepresented minorities, they’re twice as high. But most teams assume silence means there’s nothing to say. The result: critical issues go unfixed while bad managers fail to improve and people quit without warning.

We’ll help you uncover risks and opportunities with a listening tour.

Get Honest Feedback

We’ll create a safe environment that enables your team to gather honest feedback from people who don’t normally speak up.

Dive Deep

We’ll dig into the root causes of your problems with an experienced interviewer who speaks your team’s language.

Plan the Roadmap

We’ll decide where to start fixing things, then guide your team’s efforts by mapping out next steps with clear owners and deadlines.

Include Your Team

We’ll gather input from your team to get buy-in for change and make sure your process reflects the reality of their day-to-day.

Everything you need to diagnose and fix your team’s biggest problems.


  • Research plan
  • Interview scripts
  • Executive presentation
  • Recommendations report
  • Implementation roadmap


2-4 weeks intensive (4-8 hours/day).


Per employee, with a base fee to cover fixed costs.

You don’t have to keep playing chess in the dark.

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